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Weird Decibels 2

by Weird Decibels

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Things that were said, turned my mood black thoughts that I had, keep coming back I don't understand my vitriol I can't look at the mirror, that you hold kill it kill it stamp it down before it grows and consumes all around kill it kill it stamp it down before my thoughts become unbound the chaos that rests upon the bed I look to the ceiling; hold my aching head I want to get up and embrace my child the effort that takes me, is driving me wild developed in the red room no colour in the picture (stu/derek)
I knew a lady we called miss asphyxia She was into all sorts of erotica Snared me when I was worldly young the things she did to make me come oh the allure of miss asphyxia yeah the things she did yeah the things she slid recently I saw her at the co-operative nothing she said was remotely suggestive as she weighs my pork and my ham she looks down to her withered hands oh the horror on the face of miss asphyxia chorus Yeah I hate to put it to ya you end up under life
Did I disappoint you did I disappoint myself as well? its time to stand up straight opportunities are late forget about what you know it's all about who you know this nation is nepotistic I prefer to be sarcastic and smile when I know its doesn't matter if I vote forgot about what they know its all about who they know from the top all the way down big ideas from suited clowns but its still worth getting educated you can unravel what they just stated Forget about what you know I hope you know someone close Forget about what you know I hope you know someone close
Got my invitation; got it on my phone the lady is downstairs, I'm naked on my own I spray the lynx, it was two for one I look at my face, how'd I get so old? FGAm Honey I'll be back by midnight Honey I'll be back by one I button the top button, is that too straight laced Its hard to fasten, I guess I've saved face I grab my phone, something stirs inside I have a hunch, tonight is gonna be the night oooo I open the taxi door I hear the city I open he taxi door I hate the city! I dance like a demon I feel fit as *** I see a woman, i'm gonna try my luck she turns her head, I saw what's up she says honey, you're out of touch I hear the city! Then I get chased by the cops I got not idea how to shake them off then I get lifted by the cops I got no idea how to fob them off I hear the city
I guess i'm wrong about everything I guess i'm wrong about the state we're in id say to my son you should use your vote but when I cross that box it makes me choke I guess i'm wrong about the house of lords I guess I'm wrong about politics just answer, just answer the question and what's so bad about being honest with a person lesson to learn quoted not voted quoted not voted.
Hair across your face, a tare between your eyes its almost beautiful I see you breathing fast, I see you clench your fists its almost wonderful Its almost beautiful Its almost time to hurt A stillness in our room, a distance in our lives Its almost beautiful you do that stupid laugh, I haven't heard it in a while Its almost credible Its almost beautiful Its almost truthful Its almost time to hurt You say you smell her scent, you look through my lies That were almost truthful I go to embrace, I miss read your signs Its almost comical
his failures with sex her failures with men a chance meeting makes; for an interesting evening lies about his work lies about her past he buys her drinks like a true gentlemen a sudden pain that beats in her heart her daddy left and never came back a sudden thought that causes him shame what if his doubts catch him out again? once more with feeling he starts to laugh as she cracks a joke for a brief moment; their defence drops she feels the guilt he feels he's weak he buys her drinks; she says that they're leaving she takes him to down to her house in her scheme this is a place that he's never been her darkened bed is a static scene she feels the dirt and he feels the shame the both want a different love the both need a different love
Medicine 03:40
She shuffled along to her church On a busy and aggressive Sunday morning The bells tolled right on eleven she looked up to a plane scar the blue sky the service had a moments silence for simon who died in the half marathon he had a knack of predicting market trends but he didn't see this coming So he just kept on running music---------- Faith heals no one you've got to trust your instincts as medicine
I'm from a small town there is no scene or celebrity so I moved out to the city the lights they keep me company something inside of me that said its time to run don't stop or you're dead cos if you stand still, yeah they'll knock you down they'll knock you down ooo ooo ooo little thoughts lost I'm from a small town no industry or skills set so I went out to the city it was so fast, it made me dizzy these girls they came on to me they did something dirty; then they asked for money so I queued for food and people talk of television little thoughts lost this is not my time; this is not my place
The Dancer 02:56
C#m B m the city is dark under the rainfall and I know you might be working A C#m Bm now I'm watching you dancing and you're watching me stare C#m B m when I entered the into rabble and I saw you lay upon the table I saw suited men leering I waited until you were leaving A C#m Bm now I'm watching you dancing and you're watching me stare now I'm watching you dancing and you're watching me stare (baritone) E G#m F#m Now I know that I love you and I'm sure you feel the same bass solo E you look at me; my heart soars like the angel that- I- used to adore E G#m F#m Now I know that I love you and I'm sure you feel the same x2 solo (baritone) now I know that I love you and I'm sure you feel the same
stage lights faces painted white the actor looks out into the dark they are seated they except to laugh he's tired but he's well rehearsed everyone's surprised as the curtain hits the cast he collapses and lands upon his back the audience gasps then they start to clap he remembers when he played the Albert hall he don't mind Blackpool he don't mind at all everyone surprised as the curtain hits the cast oh the actor he looks up lights and he wonders if he's done all right everyone's surprised as the curtain hits the cast


The Story behind our album

I woke up, head pounding, I couldn't lift myself from the bed. I stared at the ceiling as the shadows danced upon the blank canvas; a distant world they are from. Then I saw it, hunched in the corner. A dark and brooding mass urging me to give in to my blackest mood. Kill it! Kill it! I screamed within myself.

So I got up, the weight in my legs heavy as I stumbled to the mirror and stared at face I did not recognise. I shuffled downstairs into the kitchen; the scene set from the night before. Bottles and cans, crushed under the weight of frustration.

The light of the fridge fell upon my pale body as I scanned the shelves for milk. I had none so I got dressed and headed out.

The streets were busy, cars flying past with reckless abandon eager to get to locations far from my mind. I reached the Co-operative, its sign dirty with the wash of winter.

I impulsively bought two cans of lynx, they were on a two for one. It was the voice I heard at first, although less domineering than it had been so many years ago.

Surrounded by the bloody red meat of the delicatessen she stood with shoulders burdened with the weight of life. We called her Ms Asphyxia, she was the talk of our ordinary high school for many various and imaginative reasons.

I picked up a Herald, some guy arrested in the town centre for coming on too strong to a Falkirk lass. I rummaged around for loose change, bitterly reminded that once again I was waiting the last working day of the month.

Back in the street, a sma’ rain washed my face. Above the roar of tyres I could hear them, the couple two doors from the shop. He was at the porch standing helpless, she slammed the door in his face, he turned and looked at me hoping I’d see his point. I looked down to his suitcase. The handles gripped by his reddened hands.

Across the road was the church; the bells were summoning the last generation to attend. An elder lady shuffled towards the service, she looked up towards the sky.

Walking away from the church was a young man with his head down quickening towards the train station. His attempts to disappear into the day made hopeless by his suit covered in the stains from the reckless night before. He would travel to the city and hope that she was still there and he would watch her.

That was it. Simple really. It starts with waking up and you travel a distance, then you sleep and the audience claps as the curtain falls.

The above events and characters are pure fiction…
These are the individual stories told in our album Weird Decibels 2.

This is our 8th record, it was recorded in Kelso, the borders of Scotland. A beautiful part of our small but significant country.

It took us over a year to finish our record. Everything from the mixing to the mastering was at our hands. This is a home brewed album, lovingly crafted over hours and hours of work.

We used a Korg 3200. An aging multitracker that is close to our heart. With 12 inputs it allowed us to track the drums and give them a live sound within the high walls of the beautiful Springfield lodge that we had hired. Much of the bass and guitars were recorded there as well.

Once done we ported the Korg back to Steakpie Studios in Falkirk and over a number of months, whenever time would allow us, we would mix the record. It was a difficult album but we got there eventually.

We don’t yet have the luxury of pro-tools, hopefully you’ll still hear quality and depth in this recording. We wanted a large dynamic range in order to hear every splash of the cymbals, crunch of the guitar and deep bass chords.

This album won’t be as loud as today's offerings so you will have to press the volume button a couple of times. It's not flawless but we have poured our hearts into it and we are very pleased with the outcome.

Weird Decibels 2 was sampled at 48kHz and 24 bit resolution. We have uploaded the studio WAV files to Bandcamp. They peak at -1dB to hopefully avoid any clipping in the transcoding. Bandcamp streams in MP3, if you chose to download the WAV’s at their highest rate please be sure that the device on which you listen can play WAV, if it does not there is guidance from Bandcamp regarding file conversion.

Sleeve note written by Pabs.


released March 11, 2016

Paul Henry Smith: Vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, samples
W Stewart McCairney: lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Greg McSorley: Bass
Derek Menmuir: Drums, backing vocals

recorded and produced by Pablo 77 and Weird Decibels


all rights reserved



Weird Decibels Falkirk, UK

Weird Decibels career now spans over two decades from the post grunge landscape of the 90's through to the uncertain times we live in today.

With a growing collection of albums, live records and rare recordings Weird Decibels have placed it all here just for you.

Their latest LP 'February', released on the 21st of February, a mere 25 years since they penned their first song.
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