Weird Decibels 1

by Weird Decibels

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Album recorded by Weird Decibels
Mixed at Steakpie Studios 3 by Pablo 77, with help from Weird Decibels
Mastered by Pablo 77

Pabs, singer of Weird Decibels tells the story of Weird Decibels 1
If you are new to the band this is the album you should listen to first.

The law of diminishing returns. The longer a band or artist is together the weaker their output becomes, apparently. Seventeen years in, we write one of our best albums. When you record music it is impossible to be neutral... Let me give you a brief story of how we made WdB1.
There was a big gang of friends of which I loved being a part of. We often drank until the daylight sharing our laughs and our stories. We were a close knitted pack it was truly unique that so many people could get on so well together. On the 12th of January 2009 the tragic death of Dave Broon changed everything. There are few larger characters than Dave and the party stopped when he left. Many of us took stock of our lives and made big decisions, new beginnings. We're all still friends of course and nothing will change that. When we see each other in our smaller gatherings the laughs are still there albeit without Dave's legendary humour and can of Stella.
We had started writing around the time of Dave's passing. It had a profound effect on the way I write lyrics. I was fed up writing about myself, so I focused on the world around me and created characters to tell my stories. There are some dark songs on this album, themes of class divide, murder, atheism, abuse of power, corruption and bereavement. I'm not ashamed to write of these subjects, music now is glossy, churned out pop. I long for a new movement and I seriously thought these times of austerity would deliver us some great music...
We wanted to write as many songs as possible for the Weird Decibel 1 sessions. We ended up with 15 tracks of which 12 made the final cut. We recorded the drums over two sessions at the practise room, which was bloody freezing. Derek nailed most of the songs in one take. All the recorded drums and guide tracks were ready for our trip to Ettrickbridge where we hired a lodge, perhaps the best we've hired so far.
We headed down to the borders in Greg's brother in law, Iain's VW van. It truly set us up for a fantastic week, I say fantastic now but then... It was not the care free recording experience that nostalgia wants us to remember. There were problems. Day one was spent trying to find a mysterious clicking that resonated throughout the lodge and all my gear. I could not record with this electric pulse through the music. We switched off TV's, Fridges, Microwaves, anything remotely electric, but still we heard, click, click, click, Greg went out for 'some fresh air' I joined him, pissed off with progress so far. As I stood admiring the fantastic view I heard the click again. My ears led me to a outdoor lock up in which there was the offending clicker... An electric fence. Given we were in the middle of a working farm it made sense. We switched it off, the clicking stopped and I watched the bulls in the field next to the lodge with a bit of Pablo apprehension.
Bass was laid well by an on form Greg, pity he spent the morning trying to fix the wiring in his battered instrument. Terrible Tuesday was well named. I struggled with the guitar, take after take, patience running low. Much of my vocals recorded at the lodge were never used. Derek fell ill and lost two days, his catering was immense though and when he recovered we all had a tremendous laugh. Stu had a pick whirlwind frenzy when he lost the head with his ever complicated solo's. We pushed hard on the birth of this album, it was a long labour.
There was much to love about this lodge though. The rooms sound beautifully spills onto the guitars and gives them life. It was a fantastic week in all. However the album was nowhere near complete.
Back home vocals had to be redone in the practise room and this gave us more time to get the sound right. There were a few corrections needed to my guitars.
Then there was the lovely Jemma Burt who has added so much to this album, We decided we needed some new sounds on the record and she beautifully laid some violin on Wonder and Power, raised Pslam with the organ and added some keys to Steel. I hope Jemma is more involved in W dB 2...
I lost a summer with the mixing (It was raining), I'm obsessed about achieving the best sound but it was getting ridiculous. Also some editing decisions were causing tension, then we had to pick the running order.
Weird Decibels 1 has turned out well. It was a graft. A labour of love. I'm devastated that Dave will never hear these songs. He listened to everything we ever did. He might never hear Weird Decibels 1 but he is on the record. His spirit is in the music and the lyrics. I will forever think of Dave when I listen to this album and I'll listen to it loud.


released October 11, 2012

Vocals / Rhythm electric guitar/ acoustic guitar/ samples - Paul Smith
Lead guitar / Rythm guitar / Backing vocals- W. Stewart McCairney
Drums / Backing vocals- Derek Menmuir
Bass - Greg McSorley
Violin (on Wonder, Power)/ organ (on Psalm) / piano (on Steel) Jemma Burt



all rights reserved


Weird Decibels Falkirk, UK

Weird Decibels; have somehow stuck together for 20 years and have just recorded their 8th album. They are from Falkirk; a town famous for a wheel and big horse heads. It once had a music scene but that's gone so they head to Glasgow and share their brand of rock.

Pabs Vocals
Stu Guitars
Greg Bass
Derek Drums

Somehow after all these years they are still friends
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Track Name: Psalm

long intro, Em F D

Arrival of birth
This glorious violence
helpless skin and bone

Tiny footsteps tread
Upon a road
For which they did not ask

Some will be lucky
For the others will pave
The path for their children

Arrival of birth
This glorious violence
helpless skin and bone

Lord the rules are insane
Winners lose the losers play again
Lord the rules are insane
Poor are the victims the rich collect the claim

Arrival of death
and all is worthless
skin and bone again

A legacy to fade
a history is made
written by scholars

scholars taught
to learn from a past
where no lesson was learned

Arrival of death
and all is worthless
skin and bone again


Am F E G
I lost my way, I lost my way
When you asked me to pray
Track Name: Speak

G riff
Em F G

verse riff ( C Em G)

I was told you work, In mysterious ways
I learned you were liberal, with your selection
I've been gifted a life, with wonderful people
Why must you start, to take them from me?

G Riff---------------------------------
Em F G
So speak to me
Let me hear what you say
Speak to me

You built this world, in alls it's glory
You gave us greed, to strip it all away
But I hope you're there, taking care
Offering refuge, for our weary souls

Em G F
So speak to me
Let me hear what you say
Speak to me
let me hear what you say------------
middle 8
B flat, F C F #, B flat, F F#
solo Em F G
G riff
Track Name: Wonder

I wonder why many things, fall they way they do
I wonder why we conform and struggle to see things through.
The earth on which we stand is covered in Autumn leaf
The signs of winter touch our soul as we feel bereaved

I wonder why we cannot see the people closest to us
I wonder why we still stand there refusing to admit our loss
The bridge on which we stand has crumbled and untied
We can either run to our sides or repair it over time

I wonder why you built a palace, lined it with golden chairs
I wonder why you sit alone and deny your getting scared
The silence of a room littered with photographs
Of people that you still love, but people of your past.
Track Name: Steel

With the ebb and the flow, Of Grahams road
The weekend night,The dirt and the streetlights

I wander home, Drunk and alone
I look to my feet, Tired and close to defeat

I hear a voice, He removes my choice
Of no violence, He screams at my silence

The metal flashes, He stabs and he slashes
Do not let this be, The last face I see

Dirty--- Steel---

With the ebb and the flow, I struggle to control
My warmth, my cold, I will not let go

Footsteps walk past, The concern does not last
These people need to eat, the sexes need to meet

I think of my life, of my son and my wife
It was a simple twist of a knife

Look at the beauty,of this epic country
This metal fascination, a scar on our nation.

Dirty--- Steel---

A scar on our nation
This metal fascination
Track Name: Crown

Perfect cars in perfect drives ( D riff)
about to leave a perfect house
to a job I can't stand (C G D)

I switch on the radio
the DJ's loud my mood is low
it was a hell of a night
hold me down, hold me down ( E, G, Bm Am)
I've a confession for the crown
hold me down, hold me down
I have done something wrong in this town
A perfect smile it makes me sick (D Riff)
he shakes my bleached hand
I wonder what makes him tick (C G D)

the calls come, dialling tone
the chat in the office is monotone
it drives me insane

chorus ( E G Bm Am)
I shot her down
I shot her down

come home to a gathered crowd
I step across a police line
I should not have crossed
Track Name: Wait
I don't want to wait
I don't want to wait
I don't want to wait but the state says wait

Track Name: Forward
long intro

Leave now
We have to get in the car and leave now
Dusk is falling and we're getting left behind
The ghosts of our past are going to rob us blind
I cannot pay if you do not show the way

Moving forward can't see where we're going

Forced by
A hand you never see or want to feel now
Pushing you on the back you'd think its real

Moving forward can't see where we're going
Long outro
Track Name: Joker
notes D, CBCB

what are you hiding from me?
I'm the electorate when can I see
what future you have laid for the nation
when only the rich feel privileged elation

what are you hiding from me?
When can we see
what are you hiding from me?
Will we be surprised

money burns, floating down
to lie against a riot shield
once held by a broken policeman
fed up defending a politician

clean riff D C B D x2
vox x2
riff x4
vox x2

the queen of hearts
two faced ace
a political joker
which is higher?

Which is higher!!
Track Name: Power

verse C Am F G, Chorus Dm F C G, Em G

Far away my dreams so far away
it was touching distance then it was taken from me
power, how did you get so much power?
when one persons choice can effect so many

and I still don't know
if they'll build this road
fed up cutting my feet
trying to get to something out of my reach
out of my reach
out of my reach

helpless I feel so entirely helpless
nest I build was ruined by a fluke
greater, my troubles just got greater
my limbs hang and nothing is resolute
Track Name: Pay


If we take this now
will we pay for it later
If we take this now
Is it the start of the summer


If I grab your smile
can I save it for later
for every easy straight
there is a difficult corner
-but what the hell lets just go for it-

(guitar distort)

if we take this now
will we pay for it later
the nights are short
and the days are getting longer
-so what the hell lets just go for it-

distorted jam
drums solo
stu solo
Track Name: Deliverance

Send it to the mountain send it to the sky
you're refused deliverance don't ask god why x2


Send it to the mountain send it to the sky
you're refused deliverance don't ask god why x2

I've---torn---and opened skin


Upon---my---knees again
Hands---clasped---and tied
Track Name: Industry

You get inside my head
You dig it with a spoon
you lay it on the bed
and rummage through

where I'm coming from
there is no view
there is industry
but nothing new

surrounded by metal shapes
twisted and gnarled
I fed the dog
but still it snarled


you can hear the machine
its turning round
blows out the fire
and scars the ground


---------------ringing ------------------------

people talk to you
but its nothing new...

heavy end