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by Weird Decibels

Angry 02:51
High B chord riff I can’t believe the things I say I can’t believe the things I did I’m getting angry Influenced by things I hear Why you still standing here I’m getting angry Never been so far apart What you going to do about that We’re getting angry F# Now its spilled upon the street People don’t get enough to eat E Some people have, some people don’t Max the card, what you bought Open B Stuck in the grid again They said things would change I’m getting angry There are no leaders anymore No one in charge no one cares I’m getting angry If someone’s down we just pass Upon the ground and always last We’re getting angry F# Now its spilled onto the streets People voting with their feet E Arguing for your own cause Rhetoric gets applause Build mini solo B a notes with E B/A single notes, E G A DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN B E G F# G A
Bm G then riff (real 80s rock feel) F# G then riff I’m reaching up, looking for my lover I see the sky, I hear the rolling thunder This broken boat, ain’t going any further So here is a float, before we go under D F# G A Not giving up, no not ever Nor shutting down, no not ever Not giving up on you, no not ever Im holding you, like a marvel superhero I’ve got powers, that will get us through might not be flying, it’ll come somewhere close When it hits you, you’ll want another dose. Bridge F# G I may not be granite, but I got the smile Give me a view and I’ll be here a while Bm A No more fighting, no more tears Lets get rolling and we’ll live for years---------- riff Chorus then build up
I’ll always be here Riff x 2 Hold Aadd9/E I’ll always be here, I will not leave by your side I’ll always be here, even when I step into the cold Roff x 2 Part 2 Add 9/E B7sus4/E G9/E A add9/E When moods are falling, like leaves from the sky No questions coming, even if you want to ask why Part 3 7th fret A add9/E 9th fret A add9/E B 7sus4/E A add 9/E Chorus G A I never took a walk in the dark to miss I never took a walk in the dark to miss E Bm The kiss of a woman who walks in light Riff 2 Part 2 riff I’ll always be here, I’ll always stand by your side I’ll always be here, whenever it feels like others hide I’ll always hold you, especially when the nights come in When the sun reappears, maybe you can let me go then Part 3 riff Chorus G A I never took walks in the dark to miss I never took walks in the dark to miss E Bm The kiss of a woman who walks in light A I’ll always be here, just as long as you need my hand A I’ll always hold you, I’ll hold you, regardless of the time E I’ll always be here, right up until the eventual end D Then you can leave here and we can meet up once again A E We can meet up once again, We can meet up once again D A We can met up once again. We can meet up once again.
A#m F# G#m single note pick for start We’re passers-by, barely a glance Under the shadow of the McManus F# G# C# F# A# It was as if I’d met you all over again The moment we locked our eyes Chorus, single note picks High C# F# I hardly knew you I hardly knew you But you’re familiar F# A#m The Goddess of Dundee (now strumming three strings) I stood by the water of the V and A Blinded by the shine on the river Tay I’d hope I have a chance to meet you again I don’t’ know you, I want to hold you. Chorus (pick chord) HOLD c# full strumming x2 A# F# G# G#m I had a full day to fall in love with you But I reached that goal, halfway through the afternoon F# G# C# I lost you on the streets of the city, I’m on my knees I want to find you; I need to find you. Chorus full x2 second half for solo Night has fallen I’m not leaving the streets Until I solve this beautiful mystery Yes, we are lost but we are meant to be I will be broken If I cannot find thee (single strum and pause) Chorus
You Light Up Riff Am G/F# G C C/B Its never easy, when you start to fade away Fingers touching, before you’re pulled away I watch you floating, I know your leaving me Darkness is falling, I can’t find my way F G Am -------------------------------------- You light up, you light up you light up, Everything I see You light up, you light up you light up, Things I can’t see F G E You light up, you light up you light up Verse/solo---------------------------------------------------- I’m cold calling, hoping you’ll answer me The phone is dialling, the tone is engaged I drop to me knees, my ears start to bleed I look at my hands, they disintegrate to sand Chorus Then build on E ---------------------------------------- F G Am You light up, you light up you light up Everything I see You light up, you light up you light up Come back for me F G E You light up, you light up you light up
Riff The ability to be yourself, as nothing really matters The ability to be yourself, is not easy to master The ability to stand yourself, as nothing really matters The ability to be yourself, happily ever after C# A F# A staccato full G# A If I want to paint a big black star, I’ll paint my star If I want to drive my car in the park, I’ll drive my car Intro again Riff The ability to be yourself, as nothing really matters The ability to be yourself, is not easy to master Verse-------------------------------------------------- C# A F# A staccato full G# A If I want to dance to staying alive, I’ll dance to that If I want to stay in and hide, I’ll stay in and hide If I want to shield my eyes, I’ll shield my eyes If I want to be anything, I’ll go online. Chorus Full on B Spend the last ten years as a passive aggressive F# Shouting at walls and televisions A I can’t let this fly anymore G# F# Gonna drink some courage and kick down some doors Pause If I want to play solo guitar, I’ll play guitar ---solo--- Timing E C# A F# E C# A
Taking on the world B A F# G D G D Taking on the world, one little piece at time, but it isn’t easy Taking on the world, yeah, from the window in my head, all the colours have bled B F# G D x 2 B A F# G D G D Breaking down the world, yeah, my surroundings have warped the health in my head, that’s what the tv says Never thought I would, regress, into myself, to protect myself from all of you. A E G B I can feel, nothing in me, not even sad, not even happy I can feel, my energy, saps from me, like a broken memory B F# G D x 2 B A F# G D G D Taking on the world, yeah, one little bit at time, running from the tide, didn’t see the sign Looking at a world, as I sink into the sea, surrounded by goldfish, they swim aimlessly Chorus B F# G D x 2 B F# G D F# G A D
The Plan 03:59
Pick riff around C am dm g at 3rd fret Your fake lawn, is washing out to sea And you’re wondering, why your fish is plasticine You keep taking pictures, applying all the filters A smiling face that completely misses the point A glass of wine is spilling through your fingers As you sit in your tidy garden, staring at your phone (big g) Hoping, someone is going to comment So, you can start to talk to them As your husband stares at a screen You pretend to like your neighbours In a hope to get along You have parties and talk about TV shows F AM G Under the surface, you know you messed up the plan F AM G As you look around you know your not as good as them Em Am G Better cars, better houses and better gardens Music part—pick then intro chords Under the surface, you know you messed up the plan When you’re working, you think about nothing Under the surface, you know you messed up the plan You look at their children, you think about your parenting Not as loving, not as pushy, not as caring G riff
I think about the past, a fight that I won I think about the past, a fight I backed down Walked away, head down, in shame But I came back, although not the same Would think about it now and again What happened to the young fighter that won Overthinking, circles in my head Overthinking, Keeps me awake at night Think about my place in this town Every person has a frown Violence just a word away, just say I wonder where the world went cold The mood never felt so hollow A defeated nation on its knees
Stranded 03:04
Stranded in a desert B A# F# Stranded in a desert looking around for some recognition, a face I can see Stranded in a desert hoping for resolution to the latest ca-co-phony Stranded in a desert looking stupid, uneducated, male and middle aged Stranded in a desert looking at a door that seems to be miles away Low, my new low, my new low F # A Bflat B Won’t get me home Stranded in a desert listening for a voice of sense and peace, no one speaking to me Stranded in a desert drowning in sound that has no meaning or place in me Stranded in a desert trying to work out what is equality and what is greed Stranded in a desert I think I’m prefer it here, in this forgotten place
D Bm A D AS life goes on you become a memory Someone’s newspaper from yesterday So I got up and I went for a walk I breathed in the air and I began to cough Em F#m Words fell from my mouth that I don’t want to hear I’m afraid you don’t belong here I’m not trying to be a man you can’t see People seem to stare right through, me Verse 2 As year’s fold over I go back to my tapes Old songs of drinking through heartbreak So, I got up and went to the arcade Street fighter was broken so I played outrun instead Chorus G Bm A G E F#M I’m not saving my love for another day


The guitar amps have buzzed for the last 25 years, (really need to get the earth fixed), Greg stands by the bass awaiting the familiar click of Derek’s drums. Stu and Pabs hammer the guitars as Weird Decibels launch into Angry, a song that wrote itself.
Outside the practise room, the sky is dark, and drips of rain fall upon the cobbles. There is no one listening, not here or anywhere. Our music floats up beyond the clouds towards the unseen stars.
When we started, as four scrawny awkward kids we wanted everything, the crowds, the money and the adulation. We had ambition. Time brushed us aside like autumnal leaves in a cold wind but we settled happily with our feet firmly on the ground.
Away from the band we followed the Plan, we fell in love and other people took over and enriched our lives. The world around us became confusing and Angry. We closed the curtains cuddled the kids and set the alarm for the morning.
Yet amid all the normality and chaos there is the band. When we can, we meet, and we play songs. We play them loud, whether we hit, slap, smash or scream we reset the thoughts in our heads, and we are ready for another stab at figuring out this big ol’ game of life.
February. It was when the band was born. That’s what we called our ninth record.
The album came to us. In just a few months we went from nothing to having a collection of songs we cared for. The choruses swelled there was happiness around the bittersweet lyrics Pabs had penned. Stu crafted his solos to soar above the fuzz, Greg’s no-nonsense bass lines held us together while Derek’s fast inventive drums rose the tempo.
We headed out with our battered worn Korg D3200 and spent a few nights in the middle of the Galloway Forest park, at the Craigenrae cottage. That time was precious, we missed our wife’s, our kids, our family and friends but during those quick days we were the band with the dreams again.


released February 21, 2020

Paul Henry Smith vocals and guitars
Stewart McCairney guitars and vocals
Greg McSorley bass
Derek Menmuir drums and vocals

Recorded at Craigenrae Cottage, Galloway Forrest Park, over four days 9th November to 14th November 2019

Recorded and mixed by Pabs
Mastered by Andy Taylor at Homegrown Studios Larbert Scotland.
Artwork photographs by cameras and our chief photographer Kevin Byrne
Design Pabs

Huge thanks to our much-loved family and friends who continue to support us and give us the encouragement to keep making music.


all rights reserved



Weird Decibels Falkirk, UK

Weird Decibels career now spans over two decades from the post grunge landscape of the 90's through to the uncertain times we live in today.

With a growing collection of albums, live records and rare recordings Weird Decibels have placed it all here just for you.

Their latest LP 'February', released on the 21st of February, a mere 25 years since they penned their first song.
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